18 February 2013

New Book Review: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Application Design

This book is written by Mahender Pal, a CRM MVP.

On the first chapter, it briefly introduced Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011; along with deployment options, client options, requirements and typical CRM modules: Sales, Marketing and Service. The book gives an example of how to design and develop a "Project Training Enrollment System" using Dynamics CRM 2011, with abundant screenshots and detailed steps. As a reader, you will learn how Dynamics CRM works as a 'xRM' application; you will go through the CRM customisation concepts and form design; You will also learn how process, plugins and web resource works in Dynamics CRM. The book also covers the application development using Dynamics CRM web services. Compares different CRM mobile client. Last but not least, it also introduces how to build an Issue Tracker tool using Dynamics CRM 2011.

This book will give you a good idea of CRM application design and development; it's suitable for technical consultant and developers.

Thanks Mahender!


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