08 January 2010

SharePoint 2010 Beta Learning Path

My first project in the new year is about SharePoint 2010 development - it's new to everyone. Although having experience on SharePoint 2003/2007, the best plan is keep my knowledge up to date, which is the I.T. spirit I like!

First thing first, get myself a 64bit virtualisable laptop computer with 4GB RAM to set up a development environment:

1. Install Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit version with Hyper-V;

2. Install Hyper-V and Web Server role services;

3. Install SharePoint Foundation 2010 on the Stand Along Installation;

4. Install Office 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010;

5. Install Visual Studio 2010.

For the performance issue, I choose to install the SharePoint Server 2010 on a Hyper-V image:

6. Create a new image on Hyper-V, install Windows Server 2008 R2 on that image with SQL Server 2008 R2 and SharePoint Server 2010.

So now I have both SharePoint 2010 Foundation and Serve development environment. Next, find some free online training materials.

What I have looked at are (at January 2010):

MSDEV: A First Look at Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Overview for TDM's
Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Overview for Developers
Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Overview for Implementers
Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Developing with Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Developing with SharePoint Designer

Get Started Developing on SharePoint 2010

Module 1: Getting Started: Building Web Parts in SharePoint 2010
Module 2: What Developers Need to Know About SharePoint 2010
Module 3: Building Blocks for Web Part Development in SharePoint 2010
Module 4: Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data and Objects with Server-Side APIs
Module 5: Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data and Objects with Client-Side APIs
Module 6: Accessing External Data with Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010
Module 7: Developing Business Processes with SharePoint 2010 Workflows
Module 8: Creating Silverlight User Interfaces for SharePoint 2010 Solutions
Module 9: Sandboxed Solutions for Web Parts in SharePoint 2010
Module 10: Creating Dialog Boxes and Ribbon Controls for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Developer

SharePoint 2010 Developer Roadmap
Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint 2010
UI Enhancements
Lists and Schemas
LINQ to SharePoint
Client Object Model
Services Architecture
Accessing External Data
Enterprise Content Management
Extending Search
PerformancePoint Services
Sandboxed Solutions
SharePoint 2010 Security

Microsoft download:

SharePoint 2010 Beta Developer Training Kit
SharePoint 2010 Reference: Software Development Kit
SharePoint 2010: Professional Developer Evaluation Guide and Walkthroughs
SharePoint 2010: Getting Started with Development on SharePoint 2010 Hands-on Labs in C# and Visual Basic

Online resources:

SharePoint 2010 Forum
SharePoint Developer Center
Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog
Microsoft SharePoint Developer Documentation Team Blog

I think it's enough for me to start working on SharePoint 2010.

Happy New Year!