19 January 2012

Get a free Dynamics CRM 2011 Project Tutorial book offer

Do you want free copies of my latest book?

Well, all you need to do is visit Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features and tell me 
the one feature, that makes you want to own this book in the comments section below (on this post).
Make sure to enter your email address, so that I can in touch with you. Two individuals who have mentioned the best reasons will be provided with an e-copy each.



Paulo Sebastião said...


Having recently started working with CRM Online, and already have a hefty amount of customization going on, I'm really interested in this book.

I've had to use the Xrm.Page namespace and SOAP and REST endpoints, with basically only "blog post" support and several how-tos. An organized and well structured book will cut off hours of work and allow me to create the best solutions possible.

Hope to read it soon :)

Best regards,
Paulo Sebastião

email: paulo.a.sebastiao at gmail.com

TheOnlyMajorTom said...

I think it has to be getting the most out of tweaking the charting/dashboard components closely followed by the sharepoint document integration.
Here's hoping I get a chance to read about them in the book.
tom_valentin at hotmail dot com

crmbusiness said...

As a developer solutions are a fantastic improvement but I think the improvement to coding (no more CRM variables is awesome)

I think the best new feature is the dashboard/charting functionality. it's a great way to use CRM 2011, especially considering the rest of the reporting in CRM 2011 is not really very good.

Daniel Hirsch said...

thanks for offer the Dynamics CRM 2011 Project Tutorial book.....
Project failure

Lionsbrood said...

Please, please, please send me a copy of this book!

I have been tasked with customizing our CRM Online for our commercial real estate company and I am spending hours searching blog posts and community forums for every little bit of it!

We are working on getting Mobile Express to talk to our custom entities ... but every time I try to change the Online Form in Customizations, I get a Query Builder Error ... and nothing online seems to cover this.

I have to build custom charts and dashboards for tracking financial and rent sunset information so I would really like to see more concrete examples and suggestions for building the forms and views and charts correctly for that rather than my current trial and error work arounds.

Did I mention my company has given me no funds other than the monthly subscription to work with ... auuuggghh.

I am learning alot, but would love an experienced voice in the chaos.

Please consider my plight :-)

Demian Adolfo Raschkovan said...

Hi, i'm having working with CRM from the 1.2 version, and i think that the "revolution" in this version is that CRM 2011 is a 100% "Cloud" solution and you have the possibility to install also on premise environment.
The main benefits of this is that Microsoft can "upgrade" the platform in the Cloud and add new features each time (in the olds versions just only fix some bugs).
I whant this book especially to read the chapter "Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in the Cloud" especially with Windows Azure and Office365.

Thank you for your effort to help us with your blog.

Demian Raschkovan. demian_rasko@yahoo.com

Jim Wang said...

Thanks guys for your valuable comments, this is the last week to submit comments. I will contact the publisher to get send out two e-copy.

Jim Wang

Jussi Pee said...


I,ve been working with 4.0 lately and compared to that the overall user experience of 2011 (wether Admin or business user) is superior. 2011 is my answer.

Thanks for tuhisee blog

Oliver said...

Hello Jim,

One feature of the many in CRM 2011 that I can say that I really like is the ribbon.

Customizing it is a breeze and with the rules support that it provides, you can enable/disable buttons based on field values in the form. Very nice and clean.

Looking forward to reading your book. :)


Best Regards,

Oliver Barrera


davilator said...

As Business Intelligence Analyst I am currently performing integrations in Sharepoint 2010 Dashboard / Reports and I find the need to expand knowledge in WebParts integration containing Dynamics CRM 2011.

I would also like to know the integration layer using webservices: data validation, automation, and process enhancement and learn powerful server-side event driven programming methods.

Thank you,

David Garcia

anil kumar said...

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Van Le said...

Hi Jim

I would like to learn more about the dashboards, charts and how to use Fetch XML examples.

Also the feature behind Business units and team record ownership is something very interesting


Josh Wilkins said...

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cuongthao said...

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cuongthao said...

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ราคาบอลHaving recently started working with CRM Online, and already have a hefty amount of customization going on, I'm really interested in this book.

Dani Kahil said...


As a Dynamics CRM working since version 3.0 on this great product, the best features of version 2011 are:
1. The concept of solutions where we can easily create, manage and export different xRM applications.
2. Ability to create dashboards and reports using XML (I was always using SSRS before).

Looking forward to read your book.
My email: dani.kahil@gmail.com

Phil Kermeen said...

Jim, I'm running through this book but don't see where the code samples / data imports etc can be found. Am i missing something? Cheers, Phil

Phil Kermeen said...
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preeti22 said...

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ramnivash Singh said...

I have a requirement to insert a company comment in NAV then once it gets published Scribe picks it up and then passes it to CRM.

When this is done it ensures the customer matches and then inserts a record into CRM for each invoice that CRM has for that customer.

So if the customer has 7 invoices then 7 notes get inserted into CRM each pointing at its own invoice but all pointing at the same company.

Has anyone done this sort of thing or can anyone give me some pointers as I am having difficulty getting my head around it.

Adnan Zaman said...

Packt Publishing does not provide the option to download the code for this. How can I get the code accompanied with this book?


vinod said...

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billy mahon said...

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Ruben Pestana said...

I would definitely use Chapter 6: SharePoint Integration.

I'm still quite uncomfortable with that integration and what can and can't do.

STC said...
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STC said...

Looking at the cover i think it has a very practical approach which can be related to real time situations. I like "how to " books . I think this book has it.


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