26 December 2010

A thought - the 'xRM Services' for Business Productivity & Collaboration

Microsoft has been very generous in the past few years to enhance functionalities of Windows Servers, i.e.: IIS, Hyper-V, SharePoint Services etc.

I have been thinking for a while and suggested Microsoft the possibility to split the xRM Services from Dynamics CRM; and to make it free, just like the WSS(SharePoint Foundation) and MOSS(SharePoint Server). The xRM Services could be just a 'relational system' base on the entity framework using SQL Express etc.

The major reason for this idea is: Many organisations use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a xRM platform, and they are not interested in the classic CRM modules (Sales/Services/Marketing), so they don't want to pay the full license. In my opinion, the "xRM Services" will not only benefit to many organisations, also it will be good for the Dynamics CRM market in long term.

It's just a thought, let's see how it goes.

Happy New Year 2011!