11 October 2008

MVP Award

I have been awarded Microsoft MVP - Dynamics CRM.
Thanks for Microsoft and my friends, colleagues and family. :)

See my MVP profile here: https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile/Jim.Wang


Matthew Bonig said...


Srinath said...

Its Very Urgent, I need to prepare for an client call. I am posting the three questions and looking for and early reply.

Here are three interview questions for you regarding the project. Please use these questions to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of information architecture and solutions development using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

The Electronic Medical Records application developed with Dynamics CRM must be designed so that the customizations can be exported in an xml file and shared with other clinics who will import it to the Microsoft hosted Dynamics Online site. Which features of Dynamics CRM would you be able to use for this application: client-side scripting, workflows, plug-ins, web services, other? Why?

The Electronic Medical Records project needs a multi-location clinic calendar. What Microsoft technology would Dynamics CRM need to integrate with to add the calendar feature: Web Services, ASP.Net, MOSS, Exchange Server, SQL Server, other? Why?

The Electronic Medical Records is only one part of an organization wide system that will be built with Dynamics CRM 4.0. Additional applications for other departments will include Fundraising, Human Resources, Community Education and Capacity Building. Would you recommend using the new multitenancy feature in Dynamics 4.0 to achieve a partitioned architecture for each department? Why or why not?

I look forward to your response

Jim Wang said...

Thanks mates! :)

Kyre said...

Congrats man! You deserve it. I've used your blog numerous times in the past.

Ronald Lemmen said...

Welcome to the team Jim! I look forward meeting you at an event soon.

Jim Wang said...

Thanks Roland, see you in the event. :)

Anonymous said...

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