28 November 2005

BroadTooth - the Bluetooth broadcasting system!

What is BroadTooth?
BroadTooth is the Bluetooth broadcasting system provided by LondonDev Limited.

What is BroadTooth marketing solution?

This innovative BroadTooth marketing solution uses standard Bluetooth technology with our own message management software. This enables you to send multiple advertisements and messages to passing phones and review the success of the broadcast in real time.

  • BroadTooth technology simply delivers your sales message into the hand of potential customers. Imagine the potential of your sales messages appearing on the phones & PDA's of passers-by who permit transmission by pressing the 'receive' button.

  • BroadTooth is the process of sending information with Bluetooth technology. The BroadTooth Software can send multimedia files, graphic advertisements and animated GIF Files to Bluetooth-enabled mobile Phones and PDA's to anyone up to 30 metres way.

  • BroadTooth offers mobile and fixed location use. This flexibility is most useful in high density audience situations. The software can be installed and run from a lap top computer with a Bluetooth dongle.

  • BroadTooth in high density audiences (e.g. sports and music events or mainline rail terminals) offers the ideal opportunity to send over 1000 messages an hour directly. To improve results further, circulating through the crowd provides an even wider audience for your advertisement to be received.

  • BroadTooth can transmit from any location near a source of potential customers. Retail opportunities for this form of 'proximity marketing' are almost limitless, including sales messages for in store offers, messaging to passing pedestrians and drivers of the 'offer of the day' or the teaser-ad approach to brand building. Other possibilities include catering, offices, transport, public information and all forms of sports & leisure events, concerts, public and trade exhibitions, and strategic corporate and shopping centre applications.

  • BroadTooth from multiple locations can be managed from a single location via a LAN, using different messages and campaign formats and timings, facilitating continuous test-marketing and immediate response to local market factors.

What is BroadTooth supported device?
BroadTooth software can send your customised message to all the Bluetooth-enabled mobile Phones and PDAs. The object system could be all the major mobile systems in the market: Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Palm, Linux etc. These almost include 95% mobile systems in the market.

What can I do next?
Please contact us for more information.


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