29 June 2014

Orchard CRM v1.8 - Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 Portal for Orchard

Since last year the Orchard CRM v1.0 released, I have got many feedbacks and letters of thanks from the community. It has been used for the CRM Portal proof of concept as well as production usage with enhancement.

Today I'm pleased to release the new version of Orchard CRM v1.8 (based on Orchard v1.7.3, support Orchard v1.6 and above), the following functions are available, it can be extended (functionality, security etc.) to support your business case.
- My CRM Profile
- My CRM Cases
- My CRM Customers
- My CRM Orders and Orders From My Customers
- CRM Articles
- CRM Service Calendar

The new version is still based on .Net Framework 4.0 (not 4.5) using Dynamics CRM 2013 service context and dll files. This version supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 Online, On Premise and Partner Hosted.

Enjoy the free CRM Portal and feedbacks are welcomed.


Unknown said...

Greetings Jim,

Great work! Looking forward to future releases.

Kindly note there is an error when trying to download the latest version.


Brian Begley said...


I installed the Orchard CMS on an azure website, I then installed the Portal Application and setup the CRM Credentials.

I added the credentials to connect to my crm online instance in the format "Server=https://OrganizationName.crm.dynamics.com; Username=UserName@OrganizationName.onmicrosoft.com; Password=UserPassword"

When I navigate to the support portal using the url "http://<>.azurewebsites.net/DynamicsCRM I receive an IIS error and cannot access the website.

Any help is appreciated


Jim Wang said...

Hi Brian,

Can you try the followings:
1. Make sure the CRM URL and user credentials can be accessed directly without Orchard. In the UK the URL likes xxx.crm4.xxx.xxx, rather than xxx.crm.xxx.xxx

2. Try reinstall and re-enable the Dynamics CRM module from the Module menu in Orchard Admin dashboard.

Let me know.



hi jim

a fast question

to log in at your demo ? do you have new credentials ? cause demo/password dont work :P thanks

Noname said...

Hi Jim,

I have installed your CRM Portal using visual studio and now I am trying to extend it. To be able to extend it I need to include your module into the orchard visual studio project. But once I do this it gives me errors such as:

“The best overloaded method match for 'DynamicsCRM.Services.IXrmRepository.CreateCrmRecord(Entity)' has some invalid arguments C:\myfolder\Orchard.Source.1.8.1\src\Orchard.Web\Modules\DynamicsCRM\Controllers\CaseController.cs 82 21 Orchard.Web”

Is this the way to extend your CRM portal or am I doing this wrong if so please can you help?

Thank you very much.