03 December 2008

Quick Find for Inactive Records

CRM Quick Find Active [Entity] view only return active records. It's a common requirement to return both Active/Inactive records. I use a easy way to allow Quick Find view to return both Active/Inactive records, here it is (unsupported!):

1. Export the entity's customization to a xml file;
2. Edit the xml file, search 'Quick Find Active' then locate to the right code piece;
3. Delete the filter which is:

4. Save the xml, import to CRM, then Publish.

Now the Quick Find view can return both Active and Inactive records. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thx Jim . Works great and sometimes the easier things in life are the better ones... ;-))

Best Greets from Germany

DynoMAJ said...

I am running CRM 3.0 and am in the Cases XML section. My code doesnt match your Code Exactly, there is no "and" only "or"

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You are really great man! You have always great solutions :) thanx jim :)

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