20 April 2008

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

I'm one of the first students in UK of the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology, the instructor was Mr. Shaun Letley who is a brilliant guy works for Microsoft UK. So in the last year I had his Sure Step training course in Reading, United Kingdom. The course was very helpful; it does help me to have a better understanding of the project methodology.

The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology is a comprehensive implementation methodology describing the processes and disciplines necessary to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics SL. The implementation of all these products has many similarities which is why the methodology has been structured as a general methodology with a product specific layer for each product. The general content is mostly the prescriptive phase by phase, activity by activity descriptions on how to carry out the implementation plus the Project Management discipline. The product specific content is typically represented as tools, templates and hyperlinks to product specific materials found outside the methodology.

The methodology is actually good for everyone in the project, not only for project manager/functional manager. As I'm a technical consultant, my major job is consultant/development a solution. I can still learn some helpful tips to make sure the project is going well. Also, the Sure Step provides a full process for both big and small projects so don't make misunderstanding about it. The Sure Step is actually suitable for all dynamics projects. It also provides a lot of templates which could be use in your project! Of cause you can still using your own templates with Sure Steps, it's flexible and powerful.

I strongly recommend the Sure Step methodology to all Dynamics people because it does make sure your project is well organised, delivery on time and easily maintained.

Take this link on PartnerSource to see the full details about Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology.


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