08 March 2008

Mail Merge function for custom entities upgraded from CRM 3.0

CRM 4.0 has a great function which provides the Mail Merge function for custom entities.

However, it only seems to work for those entities you created in CRM 4.0, it doesn't work for entities which upgraded from CRM 3.0.

There's a new flag in CRM 4.0 customizations.xml, calls: IsMailMergeEnabled which wasn't exist on CRM 3.0 customizations.xml. When we upgrade CRM from 3.0 to 4.0, it's supposed to be upgraded as well, but it doesn't.

I write a small command tool to do so, how to use the tool?

1. Export all entities from CRM 4.0, we may just call it: customizations.xml

2. Run the command line tool:

CrmTool.exe customizations.xml

3. What it does just loop all custom entities, and add the flag onto it. It saves time if you had lots of custom entities just as I do.

Enjoy it!

Download CrmTool.exe from MSDN