22 December 2005

Funny: How about if I sent email to wrong person!

One of my friends ask me: she sent an email to a wrong person 10 minutes ago, there were many secrets in this email, so she does't want that person see it!

Unfortunatelly, there are no UN-DO function after you have sent this email. Of cause you may contact with his email account provider(such like webmaster@yahoo.com), and explain your situation, and then maybe they would remove it before that person saw it. Luck you!

If you don't want to do that, there are another trick way: How about send him other 100 emails with same title of your first one, but the email body is different(Just say blesss him)? What he will do after open his inbox? --Saw the last email you sent to him and get your bless, and then delete other emails you sent to him(becasue it looks 'all same') .

So, how you do this?

  1. Manually send 100 emails? NO!
  2. Buy software? NO!
  3. Ask your friend to help you? NO!

The simplest way is using a script, but you must make sure your computer which will run this script is already be SMTP supported. Open the Notepad, and copy the following codes to Notepad.

set Msg = CreateObject("CDO.Message")

with Msg

.from = "His Name"

.to = "Your Name"

.subject = "My Secrets!"

.textbody = "God Bless You!"

end with


FOR i = 1 TO 100



Msgbox "Email has been sent."

Save the above codes as send.vbs, and run it on your server, then he will reveive your 100 copies of the same messages. Please make sure you are using the Same Name, the Same Email Address of Yours, and the Same Email Title.


13 December 2005

Consulting: Microsoft CRM 3.0

At the begining of this month, I went to Bournemouth to do a consulting project for Microsoft CRM 3.0.

That company has been installed CRM 1.2 on a Windows 2003 server which was a member of domain, now they want to re-deploy CRM 3.0 on the DC which is SBS 2003 and remove the Windows 2003 server from domain. Obviously, that wasn't a good idea. However, for the license and other issues, they want to install CRM 3.0 on the SBS 2003 DC.

The whole process includes: system backup, data export from CRM 1.2, uninstall CRM 1.2 for both server and clients, upgrade SBS 2003 DC, troubleshooting for DC, DHCP, DNS, SQL Server and System Events. I have to deal with the third party's drivers problem after complete the system upgrade. And also, install CRM 3.0 SBS version on the DC and migrate all the data to CRM 3.0 database. Finally, deploy CRM 3.0 for outlook clients.

From this project, I can see that Microsoft CRM 3.0, externally looks good, but internally, there are many places need to be improved. On the other side, maybe that's a good news for CRM ISVs. ;-)

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