22 December 2005

Funny: How about if I sent email to wrong person!

One of my friends ask me: she sent an email to a wrong person 10 minutes ago, there were many secrets in this email, so she does't want that person see it!

Unfortunatelly, there are no UN-DO function after you have sent this email. Of cause you may contact with his email account provider(such like webmaster@yahoo.com), and explain your situation, and then maybe they would remove it before that person saw it. Luck you!

If you don't want to do that, there are another trick way: How about send him other 100 emails with same title of your first one, but the email body is different(Just say blesss him)? What he will do after open his inbox? --Saw the last email you sent to him and get your bless, and then delete other emails you sent to him(becasue it looks 'all same') .

So, how you do this?

  1. Manually send 100 emails? NO!
  2. Buy software? NO!
  3. Ask your friend to help you? NO!

The simplest way is using a script, but you must make sure your computer which will run this script is already be SMTP supported. Open the Notepad, and copy the following codes to Notepad.

set Msg = CreateObject("CDO.Message")

with Msg

.from = "His Name"

.to = "Your Name"

.subject = "My Secrets!"

.textbody = "God Bless You!"

end with


FOR i = 1 TO 100



Msgbox "Email has been sent."

Save the above codes as send.vbs, and run it on your server, then he will reveive your 100 copies of the same messages. Please make sure you are using the Same Name, the Same Email Address of Yours, and the Same Email Title.


13 December 2005

Consulting: Microsoft CRM 3.0

At the begining of this month, I went to Bournemouth to do a consulting project for Microsoft CRM 3.0.

That company has been installed CRM 1.2 on a Windows 2003 server which was a member of domain, now they want to re-deploy CRM 3.0 on the DC which is SBS 2003 and remove the Windows 2003 server from domain. Obviously, that wasn't a good idea. However, for the license and other issues, they want to install CRM 3.0 on the SBS 2003 DC.

The whole process includes: system backup, data export from CRM 1.2, uninstall CRM 1.2 for both server and clients, upgrade SBS 2003 DC, troubleshooting for DC, DHCP, DNS, SQL Server and System Events. I have to deal with the third party's drivers problem after complete the system upgrade. And also, install CRM 3.0 SBS version on the DC and migrate all the data to CRM 3.0 database. Finally, deploy CRM 3.0 for outlook clients.

From this project, I can see that Microsoft CRM 3.0, externally looks good, but internally, there are many places need to be improved. On the other side, maybe that's a good news for CRM ISVs. ;-)

CRM30 Consulting Services Homepage (United Kindom)

28 November 2005

BroadTooth - the Bluetooth broadcasting system!

What is BroadTooth?
BroadTooth is the Bluetooth broadcasting system provided by LondonDev Limited.

What is BroadTooth marketing solution?

This innovative BroadTooth marketing solution uses standard Bluetooth technology with our own message management software. This enables you to send multiple advertisements and messages to passing phones and review the success of the broadcast in real time.

  • BroadTooth technology simply delivers your sales message into the hand of potential customers. Imagine the potential of your sales messages appearing on the phones & PDA's of passers-by who permit transmission by pressing the 'receive' button.

  • BroadTooth is the process of sending information with Bluetooth technology. The BroadTooth Software can send multimedia files, graphic advertisements and animated GIF Files to Bluetooth-enabled mobile Phones and PDA's to anyone up to 30 metres way.

  • BroadTooth offers mobile and fixed location use. This flexibility is most useful in high density audience situations. The software can be installed and run from a lap top computer with a Bluetooth dongle.

  • BroadTooth in high density audiences (e.g. sports and music events or mainline rail terminals) offers the ideal opportunity to send over 1000 messages an hour directly. To improve results further, circulating through the crowd provides an even wider audience for your advertisement to be received.

  • BroadTooth can transmit from any location near a source of potential customers. Retail opportunities for this form of 'proximity marketing' are almost limitless, including sales messages for in store offers, messaging to passing pedestrians and drivers of the 'offer of the day' or the teaser-ad approach to brand building. Other possibilities include catering, offices, transport, public information and all forms of sports & leisure events, concerts, public and trade exhibitions, and strategic corporate and shopping centre applications.

  • BroadTooth from multiple locations can be managed from a single location via a LAN, using different messages and campaign formats and timings, facilitating continuous test-marketing and immediate response to local market factors.

What is BroadTooth supported device?
BroadTooth software can send your customised message to all the Bluetooth-enabled mobile Phones and PDAs. The object system could be all the major mobile systems in the market: Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Palm, Linux etc. These almost include 95% mobile systems in the market.

What can I do next?
Please contact us for more information.

18 November 2005

A easy way to share files between HOST and VM in Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 provides the improved performance and functions than Virtual PC. However, for some reasons, it is not easy to share files between HOST and VM in Virtual Server. Generally, we have to setup a VPN access between HOST and VM, but sometimes it's not the best solution.

After some research, I found a easy to share files:
On your HOST, go to "run" "cmd", and type:
"net use X: \\\C$"
And then login as administrator of VM.

In this case, my HOST IP address is:, the VM IP address is:, both of them share the same network adaptor and in the same LAN.

After the command, you will found a new "drive X" in your HOST computer.
The drive X is the mapping of the drive C of the VM . Now you may fully control the VM, and share files with it.

Enjoy! ;-)

for more information about Microsoft Virtual Server, please visit: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversystem/virtualserver/default.mspx

04 October 2005

The choice of long distance Bluetooth Pocket PC.

Building a system which can communicate between Bluetooth enabled PPC and a Bluetooth enabled Server. The system requires a long communicate distance, but can't use WIFI. The server is 100 meters Bluetooth dongle which is long enough. However I haven't see any Pocket PC with 100 meters Bluetooth distance! After research, I found there are two choices to get this aim.

The first, setup a Bluetooth Access Point to extend the PPC's Bluetooth distance. By this way, the PPC and BAP connect via Bluetooth, all the information between PPC and Server will be routered by the BAP. The benefit of this structure is lower cost -Becasue the application will be done by WEB interface. The disadvantage is more response time.

The link here:


The second, if the PPC supports USB-HOST, then that's a good idea. Many PPC from Toshiba supports USB-HOST, so it may connect a USB cable + 100 meters Bluetooth dongle, that's really cool. Microsoft Mobile 5 can support this USB-HOST as the MS native Bluetooth stack. So it costs more money to buy a latest device with WM5, alternatively upgrade the ROM for HTC Himalaya device is also considerable(http://www.clintonfitch.com/wm5/default.asp). However, the system can be build by WINDOWS interface and faster than the web access.

These links here: