28 July 2007

How to allow '&' in email address

CRM 3.0 doesn't allow '&' in email address ,however, it's a requirement to make it possible!
The file you need to change is located in: \_forms\controls\INPUT.text.eml.htc,
The idea is change the regular expression for email field:

Allow '&' in email address
Need to edit htc file(HTML Components)
//var _validEmailRegexp = /^\w([-._'\w]*\w)?@\w([-._\w]*\w)?\.\w+$/;
var _validEmailRegexp = /^\w([&-._'\w]*\w)?@\w([-._\w]*\w)?\.\w+$/;

14 July 2007

Always show address bar in Internet Explorer

Sometimes we need to customise .aspx page in CRM (unsupported way). So it's very useful if you could show IE address bar at All time. Actually it's very easy to do:

1. Open Internet Explorer, go to [Tools] -> [Internet Options] -> [Security], select a site which contain your CRM website.

2. Click Custom level, under section "Miscellaneous", disable this option: "Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars", and restart IE.