04 October 2005

The choice of long distance Bluetooth Pocket PC.

Building a system which can communicate between Bluetooth enabled PPC and a Bluetooth enabled Server. The system requires a long communicate distance, but can't use WIFI. The server is 100 meters Bluetooth dongle which is long enough. However I haven't see any Pocket PC with 100 meters Bluetooth distance! After research, I found there are two choices to get this aim.

The first, setup a Bluetooth Access Point to extend the PPC's Bluetooth distance. By this way, the PPC and BAP connect via Bluetooth, all the information between PPC and Server will be routered by the BAP. The benefit of this structure is lower cost -Becasue the application will be done by WEB interface. The disadvantage is more response time.

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The second, if the PPC supports USB-HOST, then that's a good idea. Many PPC from Toshiba supports USB-HOST, so it may connect a USB cable + 100 meters Bluetooth dongle, that's really cool. Microsoft Mobile 5 can support this USB-HOST as the MS native Bluetooth stack. So it costs more money to buy a latest device with WM5, alternatively upgrade the ROM for HTC Himalaya device is also considerable(http://www.clintonfitch.com/wm5/default.asp). However, the system can be build by WINDOWS interface and faster than the web access.

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